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It's possible! It's already present in many European countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, are just a few examples. Why should Belgium be any different?

Real competition in telecom.

Help us bring it to Belgium!

When households and businesses connect to bFiber, they will be able to choose between a multitude of services and service providers.

By making it easy to change services and suppliers at any time we give consumers true control over the services they use.

We want to build a new marketplace. A marketplace where end-users and internet service providers meet in an neutral, open, and transparent manner. A marketplace that spurs competition and innovation.


Our goal


bFiber will make significant investments in its network. This infrastructure will be open for anybody that wants to develop and sell services to households in Belgium.

All service providers will get the same access to the bFiber network and bFiber will not be a competing service provider.


Many consumers do not fully know what they pay for communication services such as Internet, phone, TV, video on demand and mobile subscriptions.

bFiber makes sure people can make price comparisons, as all service provider information including prices are easily available.

Greater reliability

As the fiber cable is non-electrical it does not emit, nor is it affected by electromagnetic radiation interference (produced by modern society or sun flares). This means that fiber is a better choice for the environment and for operating a robust network with zero downtime.

To create this markeplace we need to use the right technology: fiber.

Enhanced security

fiber comparison

All fiber network

Fiber capacity is virtually unlimited. One single fiber pair can send and receive unbelievable amounts of data, equivalent to the upload or download of 12,928 standard DVDs, or every major Hollywood movie ever produced, transferred in 1 second. A standard fiber cable (with less than 1 cm diameter) will hold 96 pairs of fiber.

Since there is almost no theoretical limit to fiber capacity, it grows as the needs of our society grow. Older technologies have already peaked, and any further small gains need to overcome an exponentially more complicated technical challenge.

Simply put, fiber is a future-proof technology available today.

Unlimited speed

Unlimited capacity

Fiber offers a connection to the home that is more than 100 times faster than today’s average Internet speeds. The uplink is just as fast as the downlink, known as Open Symmetric Gigabit.

This increased speed means innovation boosts, increased learning, and greater economic growth.

Fiber is very secure. Because it’s practically impossible to eavesdrop on a fiber cable, it’s been the preferred communication method for governments and the military for several decades. By phasing out old, insecure copper-based networks, homes and businesses get access to secure communication.

Openness means that users can choose between a multitude of high-speed services and suppliers that provide them. With just a few clicks consumers can buy, change or upgrade any service. That means more choices, better, cheaper, faster services, and a future-proof offer that will revolutionize Belgium's infrastructure for the next 50 years.


bFiber will bring fiber to homes and buildings based on two methods.

bFiber will install a fiber cable to the home or building from the closest access point (PoP). Fiber is then connected to a small device that converts light traveling over the fiber to ethernet ports, resulting in a speed of 1,000 Mbps.

There will be a data socket (RJ 45) in every office or apartment where users connect an Ethernet cable to any standard device.


Modern users want to simultaneously send and receive information at the same speed. All our connections have the same uplink and downlink speed.



No one likes waiting for things to upload/download. For a faster Belgium, bFiber will only install connections that can handle 1,000 Mbps upload/download from day one.


Connecting homes

What will I be able to buy?

Our marketplace will offer a wide variety of providers offering a wide variety of products. From the cost-effective internet-only products to premium bundles. Bundles including internet + TV + phone + services/products that you didn't even know were possible. From providers with a global footprint to small local ones. 

All of it presented in a clear and comparable manner. Best of it all, you will be able to change suppliers quickly and painlessly directly on the portal. All done within seconds. No technician visit required.

Are you a provider and you want to participate? Contact us at


Building the network

We work along with community leaders and officials to ensure that we can build the network in a given region.


Cities and communes are divided into small parts we call fiberhoods. We will build where there is interest.


After your fiberhood has reached the threshold, we build the network.

bFiber will build where there's demand. Our process breaks down in 3 major phases.


Great! We need to work together to make that happen. Sign up to our mailing list to express your interest. Also, spread the word to your neighbors: remember the key is that we go to the community that is most interested first.

We respect your privacy. We will use your details to keep you updated on the project and to understand where the demand is strongest (hence the reason we ask you for your postcode).

We really appreciate your interest!